Support For Trans Youth

Thousands of trans people miss out on life saving services.

Across the UK alone, thousands of trans people suffer the consequences of a healthcare service too overrun to cope. A healthcare service that has an average waiting list of up to 6 years, and that time is just to be seen. The journey after can take many more years.

Our mission is to become the hub in which trans people visit to access simple, but important services. As part of our mission, we collect unused binders from people who have completed their surgeries, no longer need them, or perhaps have grown out of them. We then donate those binders onwards to the community. A binder is a fantastic way for a person to feel more comfortable in their skin, and to be able to go out into the world and do everyday tasks.

get involved & support

There are many ways to get involved and support the community. Every year there are trans pride events all across the United Kingdom.

Trans pride events are a fantastic way to join in and protest for trans rights. It’s not just a protest, but a way for our community to come togethter in arms, and to prove that we exist. We are your sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, your colleagues and neighbours. We are here.

Our Binder Scheme

1. We Collect Binders

Most of our binders are donated directly from members of the community who no longer need it, have outgrown it, or just want to help.

2. We Wash and Sort

We ensure all donated binders are washed properly, and are sorted into size categories. We try our best to donate brands you prefer.

3. We Donate

We take a postage payment from you and we then ship your binder. Binders are posted in discreet packaging, with no mention of our charity.

Get Notified When Binders Are In Stock