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First of all, you’re awesome. By contributing towards this organisation, you’re helping to support transgender individuals by providing them with things like surgery, appointments, medication, set-up fees and free binders. You’re really helping to do great things here and we’re so thankful you’re willing to help.

Thousands of transgender people in the UK miss out on life-changing opportunities and it typically boils down to lack of money. It’s a costly journey for many that are on the NHS waiting list and for those not on the NHS waiting list. Why should being someone they are, cost them a fortune to achieve? Not here. Let’s change the game for transgender people across the nation and provide them with what they deserve, without leaving them to pick up the financial pieces.

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Cost for surgery in the UK can differ depending on the procedure. The cost of a straightforward male to female surgery when going private is approximately £20,000, a figure that includes aftercare. Female to male surgery is very expensive and can easily cost more than £10,000.

FTM (Female to Male) Surgery
  • Mastectomy – Commonly known as Top Surgery (Breast removal)
  • Phalloplasty – Commonly know as Bottom Surgery (Where a surgeon creates a penis using a skin graft from the patients thigh or forearm)
  • Metoidioplasty – Another from of bottom surgery (surgeons use the existing genital tissue growth from Testosterone to construct a micro penis)
  • Hysterectomy (Removal of the uterus)
MTF (Male to Female) Surgery
  • Vaginoplasty – Commonly know as Bottom Surgery (Where a surgeon creates a vagina)
  • Phallectomy – Commonly known as Bottom Surgery (Removing the penis)
  • Orchiectomy (Removing the testicals)
  • Breast implants
  • Voice therapy

A chest binder is an item of clothing that compresses the chest to make it appear flatter. A binder can cost anywhere in the region of £30 - £60 from reputable companies such as GC2B and Spectrum Outfitters. There is a risk of people buying cheaper, less reliable and unsafe binders due to low funds. We want to prevent this. Even small donations can add up, which means we can support more transgender individuals with FREE, good quality and safe binders.

The start of the physical journey for Transgender individuals is making an appointment to see a gender specialist. These specialists asses the individuals' symptoms and consider the range of medical routes, once they have given the formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria.


They are the primary starting route to use when progressing on the journey of transitioning. The fees for appointments can vary, but below is a rough idea on how much these can cost for a private clinic (home visits can cost more). The first appointment can cost up to £300, which takes up to around 60 minutes. After that, it can be up to £150 per appointment which lasts around 30 minutes, excluding the counselling sessions which can cost up to £50

As part of the transition journey, medical subscriptions such as hormones, Anti-androgens and puberty blocking injections and nasal spray. cost quite a bit. The estimated costs of these are around:


  • Hormones – from around £10 per month but depends on individual needs.
  • Anti-androgens – around £10 per month.
  • Puberty blocking nasal spray – around £60 per month.
  • Puberty blocking injections – around £100 per month.

Most private providers also charge a set up fee of up to £200 before subscriptions can be taken out.